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- BNS Secrets of the Stratus updates
- I have True BNS Scorpio Weapon - Stage 5
- FFXIV play
- Blade and Soul unexplained account bans
- FFXIV Dissidia

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 BNS Secrets of the Stratus updates Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In ONE HOUR join us for even more Secrets of the Stratus updates on .  what was fail and do you play any other games ? In ONE HOUR join us for even more Secrets of the Stratus updates on   You know you can watch the vid again right? You don't need to see it live .well in 15min it will be 1AM come on,DO IT!! already i need some sleep God damn. And how long it will be in maintenance?Cheap Blade and Soul gold It’s almost time to start collecting Celestial Peaches! Oh, too bad I don't play anymore. Life is just too short.  yeah too short not to play games /giggle. Seems long enough for you to comment on it lol. and wait a sec I need 2 do act 7 2 b able 2 go there !!!! I ant finish act 6 bcuz i still cant do BT. You won't need to do black tower to go there. The khanda vihar storyline is different from the main story, which continues on the 12th.

Stream with part 2 of the update supposed to be today?  plss let me have some more time to get more gold those outfit ar killing me.  Make a blade dancer. Grab? There, spin2win? There.  i hate that ugly rat ._. oh forgot, dest is not spin to win cuz that spin do no shet in pve.  How much peaches give each quest? what time basil? i dont see any notification. Please fix the err1000 many people quit because of this. Please, need region transfer, i really need NA to EU :c. On Wednesday, 11 there will be a server transfer? Hongmoon Training Room, skill overhaul, and more Hongmoon Levels are the systems change highlights for the next update.

To go to Mushin's Tower you need ro complete the main story quest where you defeated Yura and then Mushin shows up. After that read the letter from Yura and then talk to this Lyn in Hogshead Hamlet Blade & Soul Gold . Then you are now able to windstride there. When NA get skill ovcerhaul and new point system will our current base ap stay the same or do we lose the stats we have gained per hm lvl? then just use the skill point replacement to add back or do we keep current base ap and use snew point system to add.Cant save a game thats funded by whales and rng boxes no matter how awesome the revamps are .   it has been 3 days since I stop playing because my fps drops to 8 and its impossible to play...

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 I have True BNS Scorpio Weapon - Stage 5 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Good thing I still in true scorpio, and didn't use all the resources to go legendary. so basically those who spent about 400+ gold are getting 5g back....joys. I have True Scorpio Weapon - Stage 5 and should I salvage this weap after the update ?. yes, for true scorpio, Cheap Blade and Soul gold its doesn't matter what stage u are. u will receive true ivory weapon stage 10.  How about fixing the client crashing and blue screen issues after the latest patch? That would be super.So the upgrade path technically throws away the only crafters/artisans worth using.

 Just got done getting awakened scorpio last week time to salvage it for it 10 more ap... Guys i got a question!

Buy Blade and Soul Gold

The new patch in 8.feb, should i stop with main quest in act 4 If i need the new gear? Help pls. 64 bit coming, but bots are in every game and tbh i havent seen any latley. how does the 64 bit affect the game? i don't really know about things like that. More colors sclae approprite for you 64 bit system makes your game running smoothly, without a single crash :0. Plus bns is kinda only using a certin amount of ure ram and cores right now.  So what happens if i have already completed all story quests and my weapon is still true infernal ? How i will get the new ivorymoon ?

Should I upgrade my weap from awakened breeze to true scorpion before this changes? so after true ivorymoon stage 10 it will transform into legendary weapon?.  Wtf siren bracelet for 1 month farming..... seriously hahahaha... idk why i'm seeing this funny... You just need to grind E. Fleet. It's actually not that rare

Im in true scop stage 10, can i received hongmoon legacy chest?  Keep coming with new updates maybe you can keep yoyr game alive.  I don't understand the accessories part 😂 I don't understand the accessories part so no more upgrading accessories? just replace them? Hmm so what happens if i am at awakened scorp? Shunan Zhao or upgrade and get the good chest.do not upgrade and salvage it after patch do not upgrade and salvage it after patch. You should ask Wonrei Swift about this Game. I'm knowing that since last week lol on the real that will facilitate the life of who is starting now, or of my alts: b the fm ta in the legendary already, I don't need to worry about that-3 -

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 FFXIV play Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 I actually had a problem, but it was due to Comcast thinking I downloaded it too much or it was too long .... The solution? I had my PS4 taken to another city outside of Comcast range. Turned out that solved the problem. Funny how many people did not have any issue.Just because 10 peoples out of thousands have an issue does not mean its a problem on Squeenix's part.Buy FFXIV Gil It probably just means these 10 people have actual internet problems from their sides. actually had a problem, but it was due to Comcast thinking I downloaded it too much or it was too long .... The solution? I had my PS4 taken to another city outside of Comcast range. Turned out that solved the problem.

Google dns problem solved. I used to play on pc now on ps4 my room mate play's on pc same router never had any problems with client or launcher sounds more like something on your end. Just this little passage about Dun Scaith's intent and how it was never achieved actually makes me feel a little sad... I really hope the Triad story ends with someone absorbing them and a massive Kefa-final-form fight happens. I've never pvp.... But I guess I am force too now since I want those mounts. :/ Other than that.... Dun Scaith looks amazing and so does the new hair styles.... And Painting!!!

 I also thought of this, and considering the middle part of the area where the statues are has been changing toocheap FFXIV gil (half a set of angel wings sprouted, and Kefka's final god form had wings) so yeah just a theory though. This would be great if you didn't make it absolutely impossible to recover your account password and get logged in. Seriously, YEARS of this. i miss this game, the cost of sub plus the cost of a proxy to get less then 300 ping on NA servers in AU just got too much, and my group stopped playing, had so much fun with it tho. The games not fun when you have no one to play with, dungeons take hours to get into on the NA servers during the AU prime time.

..You're suppose to choose either the EU or JP Servers. NOT NA if you're AU. (if AU stand for Australia that is) I just hope they fix the Gauss Barrel problem for Machinists if they're adding a pistol.
Looks great but probably not something I'll want to repeat often with PUGs. Might be something thats already fixed if you mean by hiding it. Theres a command for it.  Loved the game but wasn't into paying for dlc when I was all ready paying each month but looks like the game has got a lot more fun.

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 Blade and Soul unexplained account bans Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Happy unexplained account bans. Friends still banned after 2 weeks missing entire Christmas event,Blade and Soul Gold despite emailing. Any word on if blade and soul is coming to PlayStation 4 yet. Happy new year bns : 3 Any chance you help a poor warlock in need with 10k gold please? :D would defo appreciate it. It's with your ISP, try to contact them. We, UAE players have this same problem before and it took 1 week before our ISP fixed it. Sherwin Camua Malonzo ISP ? what is dat sir and how to contac ISP ? Look at all the outfits that I don't have.  I want the Gunner, the ultimate skills, fixed problems, give us our HAPPY new year . Is the pvp in bns really massive ?

Stefan Condurache wow u mean to say the excitement was only for the start .  Can we get characters transfer to another server yet? Gimme everything and ill be happy for the upcoming year. Happy new year. And thanks for the hard work guys. way too early and whereso ur gifts. Wtf looks like The same video wildstar used. Ty i get That alot snape rules. Happy New Year give us some gifts please :D haha. wanna see my Onmyung server character in Gunma server.  if only my gaming laptop could handle this game. Best game eveeeeer thanks for the amazing work BnS Team!! Add character transfer to another server. ^^Are we getting anything for free?  Happy new year where is the gift ") bether fix my game 5 days i cant lounch him.

New costumes and items are now available in the Hongmoon Store! Hit F10 in-game to visit the store..Buy Blade and Soul Gold So mad that the countdown outfit is only available through a box by chance but you can buy the hat that goes with the outfit . Is there any way to change the font size in the game? I've been sitting here thinking that the gem for the event was 120 snow flakes go to buy it, pull out my magnifying glass "oh it says 150" and I'll be honest it's like that on everything, I maybe blind, but that font sucks.

Can we have the costume from merchant to be available in F10.. i want that outfit so bad but i cant even get from merchant.... this game planing to put new skill /new charack but the pioneer ERROR of the game still cant fix lot of player quiting RIP new comers ENJOY THE ERROR AND LAG. Why did you make one of them only obtainable through rng box lol. I bet you use a crappy ISP when you're nearer to their servers than mine. Don't make me laugh pls.  lag? Lol what? People are quitting, but it aint because of the lag or errors. Upgrade your toaster, and stop using dial-up internet. Trey Durrant so u mean dont exp lag or error?

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 FFXIV Dissidia Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

As for Dissidia. There's currently a new one in Japanese arcades. They had originally said it would be limited exclusive and likely/hopefully be ported to PS4. Unfortunately there hasn't been any word on that yet and they been slowly adding to the roster in the arcades. Been posting pic every day while i count down. So excited.

Fuk yeah bro get ready to throw our social lives away lmfao.  Lol hardout bro lol did u geta PS4?? put it back again and i swear ill shoot your family. Have Fun Waitting already have it ! Buy FFXIV Gil  Hey look a account to report to square-enix.  Ill give 5 dollars if u send it to me. Love you guys question does noctis and Luna date. there childhood friends and there engaged. If you are watching this on YouTube, turn the captions to English to see the subs. Isn't this at the end of the judgement disc? The Noctus gets old and dies in the game q if foda and send the rmk of FF 7 as soon as this one will stay in my memory like soap opera of lightning.

ANOTHER trailer? Come on now,you dont need to sell this game anymore. Its less than a fortnight until release.cheap FFXIV gil I'm gonna kill you. Then I'm gonna kill you. But not before I kill you. I wanted to kill them. We have to kill them before they kill us. Kill 15 the game. All about killing in this game. They kill us and we kill them . Need more killing in these games. What's prohibiting you from getting a better Internet connection? Tss so happens when it happens, but you can play it ntp.

During my last visit I bought the pampas pen.  Someone tell me if they'll start selling those grenade-like things Noctis uses for magic :D They look so cool!.  I need everything!  10 years later and a two month delay... See what I've waited for. I'm not even gonna get to play the first day. I miss when you could just put a disc in and go. now i have to download the entire game, AND a patch on a 2mb connection.

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